Ardèche cave diving (2014)

With a mixed OC/CCR team our trip to the Ardèche was as good as it gets.


Taking advantage of rEvo CCR with two 4h dives up to 100m in Goul de la Tannerie, and a dive to the deep gallery of Goul du Pont up to 130m depth.

cave diving

Nice to meet with Xavier Meniscus and his team exploring Tannerie up to -240m (c’est “hors-norme” Xavier !).


Meanwhile, the two Goul’s offered also a very exciting opportunity for the OC divers (team Leonardo Salamone, Gleb Lanskoy, Alexandre Missuwe). In particular the long shallow zone of Tannerie and the first vertical part of Goul where quite impressive.


Below some pictures of the dive near Montclus, a 9h trip with a nice 70m dive in S3 after exploring a really awesome dry part between S2 and S3 (Team dive with Karel Levrau and Kevin Haeke).




Pictures : Narcotec – karel Levrau &

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