rEvo rebreather course Danmark

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ThinkBlue was invited by in Roskilde (Danmark) for a rEvo rebreather cross over course for Anja and Felix.

rEvo rebreathers (thinkblue IMG_0207)

All ready to go for the last dives on the U251 wreck !

After some good 356′ of diving we are happy to certify our IANTD colleague Anja Karlsen as a rEvo CCR diver. As an instructor on Inspiration, Magalodon and Poseidon rebreathers, Anja already had a lot of experience diving CCR. It was a pleasure introducing her to the advantages of rEvo, and certifying my first female CCR student (C’mon ladies!).

Felix was already diving the unit for some time and joined the course as a refresher.

Well equipped, good logistics, gas fills, friendly staff and all you need at

rEvo rebreather Danmark Copenhagen

All happy after the first confined water session at Amager Strandpark, Copenhagen.

rEvodreams Anja and Felix

Once you know how they work rEvodreams become simple and efficient instruments.

rEvo rebreather Anja and Felix at Amziger Strandpark  Copenhagen for the confined sessions)

at Amager Strandpark (Copenhagen) for the confined sessions

rEvo rebreather open water training lake FuresØen Danmark (IMG_0344)

starting the Open Water training - lake FuresØen Danmark.

For the last two dives we joined a trip of to the wreck of the U251 sub. The weather was superb and the sea very calm. The 400hp engine of the RIB brought us with a steady speed in an hour to the divesite. As we did training dives we did not have the chance to explore the wreck completely – but we did have a nice view of the tower and the deck.

rEvo rebreather course (IMG_0211) Sven Felix Anja

After our dives on the U251, Kattegat Danmark

Multi Scan made a nice video of the wreck available on Youtube (kindly notice that the diver in the video did not follow a course with us).

Read more about our rEvo rebreather CCR training.

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Sven De Vos, June 27th 2011

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